Affordable Computer Service
Affordable Computer Service

Business Hours and Pricing

We can be reached during the following hours:

By phone: Weekdays between 5pm and 9pm, or Saturday 10am to 9pm.


We do our best to give you your money's worth, so we charge a "bench fee" of just $30 to evaluate or troubleshoot your computer problem. One half hour's worth of labor is included in the bench fee. 

If we can solve your problem within that half hour we spend on it that's all you pay for labor.

Our rates are based on an hourly fee of $60 per hour, but we charge by the job so your costs are limited. No unexpected labor charges, which means your wallet gets a break!

For example, removing viruses and other malicious software can easily take 4 to 6 hours or more depending on the severity of the infection, but we only charge for two hours of labor ($120) for virus removal. That's it - no matter how long it takes us to do the job we quoted, you pay that price for our virus removal labor and no more.

So when you call us for a quote we'll tell you the cost based upon the time it should take and our hourly fee. 

The result = no suprise labor costs!

And we do our best to get your computer back to you quickly, too. We cannot guarantee the turn-around time but we aim for no more than 4 days and seldom take more than 1 week unless we're waiting for parts. And we'll keep in touch with you if we need to have it longer than we originally thought.

All prices are plus applicable New York State and County Sales Taxes.


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Affordable Computer Service

Phone: +1 585 808-1131+1 585 808-1131

E-mail: Dave.Holmes at AffordableComp dot net

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