Affordable Computer Service
Affordable Computer Service

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Great communication from someone extremely knowledgeable in the field. As a business owner I would trust my data is secure and in good hands.   TV


Great service, wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you!   TD


Thanks, Dave, for looking at our computer. I appreciate you coming so quickly on short notice. We will certainly be recommending you to all of our friends and family. Great service   DS


I've had the opportunity to collaborate (with) Dave in the local computer repair market. He is willing to go above and out of his way to make sure customers are satsified. He is also very friendly, helpful and dependable. If I wasn't a computer repair expert myself, Dave would be the only one I would trust with my computer repair needs. - DG


Once again Affordable Computer Service has the answer we need WHEN we need it... just sayin'. - GS


Thank you for the great service for my computer crash! It is really nice to have a local business and owned by a person with great people skills. The computer seems to be working just fine with the new hard drive... Thanks again for the great service. - GC


I wish to thank Dave Holmes of Affordable Computer Service for the excellent service and the price that was just right for fixing my laptop. Friendly and professional as well....thank you again for your service and for doing the job right. My computer is working like when I first bought it. Thank you so much. I use it in my education and so it is important to keep it running. Thank you again. I couldn't beat this price down town. - MI


I have really appreciated having Dave Holmes and his Affordable Computer Service in my corner! He has come to my rescue several times! Computer virus, computer crash, computer death and even the death of my sound system....he handled them all perfectly. He can clean them up, get them restarted, order a new computer suited to your needs and set you up with a perfect sound system. I've been pleased with his repair work, any new equipment and its installation and my recent new sound setup. And all has been done for an afforable price! Thanks Dave - SB


Thanks so much for answering my question so quickly!! I love coming to your page and reading your tips and advice, great job!! - DHS


...I recommend AFFORDABLE COMPUTER SERVICE in Belmont for your computer needs. I took the laptop to them. The laptop was repaired and I was back playing music in time for the St. Patrick’s event. AFFORDABLE Computer Service is right. I got great service and a great deal. - RE aka YS


Thanks, David, for ALWAYS being available when I've needed your help. YOU ROCK! - JK/MK


Thank you for the excellent service that you have provided me in the past. - CG


Your service has been outstanding. Each time I have had a problem, you have been fast in correcting the problem and I have never had a complaint on the charges. - Charlene G


i was very pleased with the job! Thanks! - Heather

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Affordable Computer Service

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